A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.

Franck Dossa
Rich Mix Building, 35-47 Bethnal green Road, London E1 6LA
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 3326 3750
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AFFORD is a diaspora NGO based in London and is a registered charity.
London, Europe, and Africa
Research activities in the migration and development field

Runs specialist programmes for migrant and diaspora advocacy, e.g. the Africa-UK programme, Africa-Europe Platfrom

Provides training for governments, NGOs and other development stakeholders on migration and development issues
African diaspora communities in the UK involved in development.
Short organization description
AFFORD’s initiatives have had major positive impacts on local African development on two broad fronts.
Firstly, the creation of a new diaspora-development framework have expanded and enhanced the range of development partnerships, many of which would have remained dormant or marginal. Secondly, for the past decade, AFFORD has applied its pioneering and innovative expertise to the subject matter of job creation in Africa, especially in post-conflict Sierra Leone.
AFFORD works in the UK and EU to promote the role of diaspora and migrants in development. It is currently coordinating the EUNOMAD UK Platform
Shared values with Eunomad
Promote migrants' active citizenship
Recognize migrants as development actors here and there
• enhance its members’ guidance activities in the field of migration and development
• develop lobbying efforts to gain public policy support for the migration/development nexus and its benefits for migrants as well as origin and European societies.
› coordination of broad range of stakeholders involved in migration and development
› support improved research on migraiton and development issues
A range of publications on migration and development policy issues, the role of remittances, and other aspects of development are available at:


Recent examples include:

Connecting UK-based African organisations with mainstream NGOs

Globalisation and development: A diaspora dimension

Launching Rwanda’s Diaspora Bonds

Impact Funding through the Diaspora Conference Report 2012

AFFORD has developed specialised training on diaspora development, policy advocacy for diaspora and migrant organisations

AFFORD conducts a range of high-level advocacy activities at the UK, EU, UN, and AU levels
- Africa-UK programme – national advocacy programme for African diaspora groups involved in development:

- Africa-Europe Platform – Europe-wide network of African diaspora groups active in development:



- Africa Gives – pilot initiative examining how young people in the diaspora relate to African and development issues
BBC Media Trust
Diaspora Volunteering Alliance
Africa-Europe Platform

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