A space for the exchange of co-development practices promoting migrants as citizens and actors of      development here and there.

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Svitlana Kutsenko, Natalya Kutsenko
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Non-profit migrant organisation
Province of Cosenza, cooperation with organizations of Rome, Naples, Salerno, Calabria region
Support of Ukrainian migrants in Calabria, with interventions aimed at health protection (like project "La cucuzza") and the integration and cultural exchanges (project “Quelli nati in CCCP”)
Migrants in Calabria from Ukraine and other parts of the Ex Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, Moldova...)
Short organization description
A.I.U.C. is a non-profit association registered in 2007 in Cosenza to foster cultural and economic relations between Italy and Ukraine. It promotes artistic and cultural activities in order to encourage the development of cultural, institutional and economic ties between Italy Ukraine and Eastern Europe, supports Ukrainian migrants in the region and has established several partnerships with institutions and local organizations.
Shared values with Eunomad
We wish to become a member of Eunomad to expand our international relations, for new possibilities of migrants support and to create new projects.
› Integration
› Sharing
› Development of cultural and economical exchanges
› Social cohesion of communities involved
> Quelli nati in CCCP
Weekly radio run by migrants who come from the former Soviet Union (especially the Ukrainians) that aims to create a space for reflection on the news of the countries of Eastern Europe (especially Ukraine and Russia), spread the music, literature, culture and traditions of those countries. The results obtained were: the opening of a cultural space dedicated to the issues of migration and countries of Eastern Europe, migrants can simply access to information necessary for their integration into the host, has markedly improved the offer multicultural city of Cosenza, the transmission participants acquire an important and unique that can subsequently enhance and are active contributors to the cultural life of the city.

> La Cucuzza
Production information for the prevention of AIDS and sex education; exposure information materials, participation in national events on topics related to the issues addressed (ex. December 1, World AIDS Day), three round tables to discuss with migrants of issues; mobilizing communities in the area and students of the University of Calabria.
The results obtained were: raising awareness of the beneficiaries; put in relation with the services of the communities in the area; greater social cohesion of the communities involved and strengthening of the organizational capacity of the association
Consiglio Centrale di Coordinamento
delle Organizzazioni Ucraine in Italia
GAO Cooperazione Internazionale, MO.C.I.,
Associazione Culturale Ciroma

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