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On June 18th, the fourth General Assembly of the French platform was held in Paris.

The meeting alternated between internal exchanges within the platform aiming at consolidating the latter, and discussions with external stakeholders interested by the network and the platform activities (local authorities, resource persons).

The General Assembly consisted of the approval of activity and financial reports and of debates concerning the different activites conducted during the year and the evolution of the platform. This was followed by several presentations of productions made by the platform: the France report 2012 and the work done for the capitalization of practices during the past three years.

The different documents to download are in French (the program and the minutes of the General Assembly)

You may also find numerous other documents in the section "network publications"!

AG Eunomad France - 18 juin 2013AG Eunomad France - 18 juin 2013AG Eunomad France - 18 juin 2013AG Eunomad France - 18 juin 2013

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